Levelized Billing

No More High Bills! 


The “LEVELIZED BILLING PROGRAM” offered by Humboldt Utilities will prevent customers from ever having another really high utility bill.

This program allows residential and commercial customers to avoid large summer bills that come with hot weather air conditioning and the really large winter bills that result from frigid winter temperatures. The bills are a moving average of the past twelve monthly bills, payments will vary minimally from month to month, and there are no yearly true-ups.

*”Moving average” means that each month’s bill is an average of the past twelve months; therefore it only varies a few dollars regardless of the weather.

Customers who have already joined this program say it has been a “lifesaver” for them during this past summer’s unusually hot weather and in extremely cold winters.

Contact Humboldt Utilities for additional information on how to participate in the Levelized Billing Program.

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