Excess Flow Valve Policy

Effective January 1, 2017

An excess flow valve is a device designed to shut off gas flow on the gas service line in the event of a broken or severed line.  The device is not designed to shut off gas for leaks on the customer side of the meter.

Humboldt Utilities will install and maintain excess flow valves on new or replacement gas service lines servicing single family dwellings, and commercial customers where the anticipated load is 1000 cubic feet per hour os less, effective January 1, 2017.  The excess flow valve used will meet the performance standard set forth in the DOT's Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Saftey Administation Regulations (Section 192.381).  Excess flow valve selection will generally be based on line size, line length, load requirements, line operating pressure, and other operating factors.  The location of the excess flow valve will normally be as close to the tap tee, or source of supply as possible.  The exception being mid service line repairs where the tap or main is not exposed, or branch services where two single family dwellings share one excess flow valve.  Service lines installed to single family dwellings, or commercial customers that operate at a pressure less than 10 psig will not have an excess sflow valve installed.

Humboldt Utilities will also install, and maintain, excess flow valves on existing single family dwelling, and small commercial business service lines at the customer's request.  The cost of the installation will be $200.00 per service.  A customer requesting the installation of an excess flow valve must apply in writing and pay for the installation prior to the start of work.  The installation date will be determined based on current work load, weather conditions, and other factors.

New or replaced services lines to commercial customers that have an anticipated load in excess of 1000 cubic feet per hour will have a manual curb valve installed and maintained by Humboldt Utilities.

Humboldt Utilities reserves the right to change or upgrade this policy as needed.

Note:  Some new or replaced service lines may share an excess flow valve.  (1 tatp, 2 services, 1 EFV)

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