Sewer Service Policy

Where gravity sewer mains are available on public right of way, Humboldt Utilities will provide a sewer tap and clean out near edge of right of way for a tap fee of $400.00.

Commercial customers may pay a $200.00 connection fee and provide their own tap with Humboldt Utilities supervision. Developments may provide taps to individual lots as the main is being built. The cost to lot owners for a tap is a $100.00 connection fee. Clean out to be provided by Humboldt Utilities.

Where gravity sewer mains are available on public right of way but, because of lot or building evaluation it cannot be serviced by gravity, Humboldt Utilities will provide a service stub at the edge of right of way for a $400.00 tap fee. The owner will provide and install per Humboldt Utilities specs. A grinder pump station including tie in at the service stub.

Where forced main sewer only is available to building site, Humboldt Utilities will provide and install a grinder pump station for a $400.00 tap fee provided forced main is sized to handle additional load. If no force main is in place Humboldt Utilities will assist with engineering and installation cost on a per lot basis. (To be determined on a case by case basis.)

For developments where sewer mains are not presently in place to serve said developments, or where sewer mains are not of adequate size to serve proposed additional loading, Humboldt Utilities will share the cost of engineering (if deemed economically feasible) with the developer. Before the start of a project, the developer must pay fifty percent (50%) of the estimated engineering cost. All engineering, material, and labor cost of mains and laterals within the development are the responsibility of the developer. Humboldt will have final authority over engineering, material, and installation methods for all sewer main extensions or renovations.

Sewer Service Policy

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