Residential Underground Subdivision Policy

Upon customer’s request, underground electric service will be provided as alternate to standard overhead service. In this case, the customer will be responsible for any costs above the cost of standard overhead service. Any cable, whether primary or secondary, shall be in conduit (see conduit specifications below). It will be the responsibility of the customer to open and close the trench and install conduit as required. Installed conduit must be inspected by the Department before trench is closed. Department Personnel will then install cable and make all electrical connections at no charge. Upon completion, customer shall grant easement rights to the Department should the Department need to perform any maintenance on the installation, or to add more services to a Padmount Transformer.

If a developer requests underground service to residential subdivisions, a plat of the subdivision approved by the Humboldt Planning Commission must be submitted. All property corners must be staked. Charges for residential subdivisions shall be calculated as follows:

  • $ 330.00 per lot
  • $ 3.00 per foot of lots along street

Conduit Specifications

All straight conduit and fittings that are exposed to sunlight shall be schedule 80 PVC. Schedule 40 PVC can be used on unexposed areas only. Any fittings, whether 22, 45, or 90 degree bends shall be sweeping type and shall be made of rigid metal conduit. Enough conduit shall be used to reach from the meter base to a point 25 feet up the pole. The Department shall construct the riser from ground level up the pole, with customer providing straps and other attachment hardware. A pull rope shall be installed during placement of conduit in the trench.

Conduits containing secondary cables shall be generally 3 inch diameter and installed at a depth not less than 30 inches to top of pipe. Conduits containing primary cables shall be generally 2 inch diameter and installed at a depth of not less than 36 inches to top of pipe. Pipe sizes and depths may be altered at the discretion of the Department. Warning tape shall be placed in the trench, not more than 8-10 inches below ground level. Warning tape shall be furnished by the Department.

NOTE: Three (3) inch Weatherhead will be required at the pole at customer’s expense.

Residential Underground Subdivision Policy

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